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from portrait to large-sized floors

Handmade mosaic for a unique design

entirely handmade in Italy


Our handcrafted mosaics are slow handmade under totally care, loving the details, using the finest materials and careful elaboration ensuring the smallest detail. We are looking for the excellence so our standard of quality knows no bounds. Also our handcrafted mosaics are made by a bit of our soul.
Every time we apply a handcrafted mosaic, we discover an amazing new high-end that always surprise us. These are ready to adopt its own personality when client discover the result of his project and enjoys it. Moment of creating a close link between the owner and his unique mosaic.





Each customer is challenging, each style is different. We understand the new luxury of handcrafted, Bespoke mosaic as the unique experience of truly customized service. From our proposals, we help each client to create its own sketch and unrepeatable high-end piece.
high quality artisan
italian craft tradition.
hand drawn and unrepeatable one-offs.
the finest mosaic's tailor-made product.
professional service thanks to its know-how.
We approach all of our mosaics as unique works of high craftsmanship, paying attention to the smallest of details so that we can position ourselves at the top of our field. We believe in constant innovation both creatively and technically. The emphasis of our company is ‘art & design’ combining a modern aesthetic with exquisite craftsmanship. The refined sensitiveness, the passion and the results of research are used to choose the varied and plentiful materials, in accordance with the creative intention to produce rich blends of materials and varied colors shades . The unique characteristic of the mosaic is the particularity of the tesserae pieces of tangible colours. The duty of the mosaic master is to respect this nature, constructing unique chromatic blends, made from all the components available. Artefact Mosaic is a design & manufacturing company with a contemporary new take on the ancient art of mosaic making. The company’s headquarters are located in Venice, Italy, close from San Marco's Square- All the mosaic artisans who collaborate with Artefact Mosaic Studio possess the diploma of Master Mosaic Artisan, obtained only after the successful completion of three years of study at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli – the only legally recognized mosaic training institution.

Underestimated Secular art, mosaic accompanies the architecture since about six millenniums. From the Sumerian civilization, in Uruk, via Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine periods in the decoration of the works of Horta, the luxury hotels in Japan, stations of the subway of New York or Moscow, without speaks about mosaics of the Garnier Opera, the Holy Church, the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, ten thousand meters square mosaic recovering ground and walls of the basilica Saint Marc, but also the paintings reproduced in micro mosaic as before of the basilica Saint-Peter of Vatican. The mosaic always met the requirements of quality longevity of the most prestigious realizations. Never having stopped being renewed, evolving to every period, until find its own and contemporary language. Realized completely by hand, using prestigious materials, marbles and Venetian glass, gives to the mosaic some nobility. From the most abstract or most realistic design, for parietal decoration, grounds or sculptures, unique, inescapable language makes mosaic an original medium, definitively contemporary, original and sustainable.
our philosophy
We firmly believe in the authenticity of oldest tradition art of handcraft. Each single step of this genuine craft is made for rise the emotions, and these unique and unrepeatable high-end mosaics are able to change the space of any interior.
Color, shape, movement, texture and rhythm are the elements that do mosaic as a unique solution to translate your project. The plasticity, resistance and sustainability of the mosaic makes it as a perfect and smart medium for architecture, design, spa and pools, indoor and outdoor realizations to large-sized floors, for private and public spaces.
We offer a personalized service of completely handmade italian mosaic under the customer’s specifications as a truly exclusivity handmade. Where everything begins and ends from and for the costumer, taking his taste to make an unique and unrepeatable handcrafted piece under his specific needs.
We use the old genuine crafts under the key of slowly care, paying attention to every detail, to each stage of making, from sketch to application, made completely by hand. Bespoke service success is given by the craftsmanship belong the work process. Our carefully slow handmade crafts process needs passion.
If you are thinking to enjoy our handcraft service experience we invite you to ask any question, mailing us.
WORKSHOP Castello, 6477/a Barbaria de le Tole-Calle del cafetier 30122 Venezia, Italy
PHONE +39 3665 417 019

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